Specialised Travel is committed to sustainability issues and to protecting the environment. As a company we recycle paper, plastics, metal, glass, IT equipment and furniture and use eco-friendly stationery. We conserve office electricity and our modest fleet of company cars are low-emission, fuel-efficient vehicles, including phevs and evs. The use of public transport for commuting to the office is encouraged.

We are happy to discuss ways in which travel can be as environmentally friendly as possible. Travel for the Arts encourages taking and using refillable water bottles to eradicate waste from single-use plastic water bottles. Our brochures are dispatched in an eco-friendly and 100% compostable material derived from potato starch, an alternative to polythene.

Air travel generates carbon dioxide, contributing to global warming and there are a variety of companies and charities that offer carbon offsets.  Offsetting schemes calculate how much CO2 your travel has generated, and remove the equivalent amount of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.  Carbon offsetting is generally not expensive, and is viewed by some as a way to make travel more ethical. Some airlines, for example the Lufthansa Group, now include offsetting in some of their fares. Gold Standard, founded by the WWF in 2003, is considered the most stringent standard for carbon credits by many NGOs. More information on their work and a link to offsetting with them can be found at: